I currently have an understandance of the human brain quite different from how most people think the brain works. Instead of thinking of it as a movable super computer, I found it to be just a remote control interface for remote controlling the human body from a distance. This means that the actual brain circuits are run somewhere in a remote location, not in the human body itself. This means basically we’re all creatures lose from our bodies, and our bodies are just remotely controlled robots.

How did I figure this out? Well, at some point a small part of my brain ended up ‘vaporised’/destroyed electromagnetically. This part later grew back, but had the exact same complicated functioning it had before (this was feelable). One would expect to lose brain functionality in that piece of brain because it had been destroyed and regrown, so it should have been empty again. But this was not the case, the actual brain circuit had clearly survived the vaporisation. How can a brain circuit survive vaporisation? Well, I think the actual brain circuit is overlaid on our brain matter all the time, and that this is done electromagnetically. The electromagnetic circuit needs to be overlaid on the brain matter to form a functioning cicuit. The circuit only functioned normal with the brain matter present, with the part vaporised it didn’t work.

So I conclude that brain circuits only turn into functioning circuits when induced electromagnetically into our brain matter, and together they function as a working circuit.

My idea could be older than we think, and already been described in Descartes’ view of dualism (making the distinction between mind and a body). Descartes thought the mind was a non-physical substance, different from the physical brain. Maybe this turns out to be the electromagnetic circuit in my model, which is overlaid on the physical brain at all time. This was opposed by Spinoza, who argued there was only one type of substance, brain matter.