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Health Rincewind on 02 May 2012 04:59 pm

Bad sight can lead to death

Lots of things can go wrong with your sight: your lens can drop out (this happened to me as a kid once) or a piece can break off (as happened to me recently), you can get blood clots in your eyes (this happened to me too), and you can get all kind of other nasty eye problems that ruin your sight. One would say: just an eye problem, but severe eye problems can easily lead to death by all the effects that bad sight causes. Did you read that right? Yes! Death can be a consequence of bad sight.

This is what can happen: your brain circuitry can start disfunctioning because of your bad sight (all the bad images that are being fed to these circuits). Especially if you no longer enjoy normal stereo sight because the pictures can’t merge anymore into a 3D picture because the image quality is off in one eye, your circuits will have a hard time dealing with all the picture information coming in. Important brain circuits might go inactive, and other circuits might start functioning. Circuits are at risk of being washed away by the flood of bad sight information, and side circuits might form.

What happens a lot is that veins close off after brain circuitry has gone inactive around those particular veins, which can result for example in an entire brain half through which blood no longer flows. Because the circuits are inactive, they will no longer drain energy and so the veins will close too, sometimes with blood clots in them.

This in turn will result in problems with blood pressure in other veins, which can result, when the pressure in a vein is too high, in broken blood vessels and brain hemmorrhage easily. This is exactly what happened to me and I barely escaped death. Now luckily my sight is a lot better again and when my sight was improving all the resulted problems were disappearing too.

I found myself unable to work normally, I even got trouble with speech (my intonation and vocabulary changed for the worse), and couldn’t really do anything productive all day. I was shit scared to be in traffic, even riding my bicycle. I accidentily bursted a big blood vessel when going for a run because the pressure in the vessel was too high due to my other brain half having almost no blood circulation anymore. I got lots of extra problems as a result of an eye problem.

This all means that your brain is at serious risk when there’s something wrong with your eye, and if it’s bad enough you’ll be unable to work like you used to, find yourself with trouble speaking and possibly find yourself in a downward spiral of health problems ultimately leading to death, for example by brain hemmorrhage. The only thing you can really do to go against all of this is to fix the cause, the problem with your sight, as quickly as possible.

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