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Health Rincewind on 18 Apr 2012

The influence of food on your body, part 2

Over time I’ve written down the exact influence of food types on my own body, and decided to share these with you. These are only the perceived effects, there might be many more effects or different effects for you to find, so I can advice anyone interested to write down the effects of food types for him/herself.

Rye bread
Makes my skin look healthy.
Narrows my veins.
Changes my eye glare.
Has a small hallucinating effect that looks like the effect of rotten grapes.
Makes my head feel less ’soft’ from the inside.

Brown bread
Dumbs me down a bit.
Has a hydrating effect on the brain.
Makes my blood be contained within my veins better if the veins are damaged.
Makes my head feel less ’soft’ from the inside.
Thins my blood a little bit.
Gives me only little energy for the day.
Makes my cheeks slightly red.
Makes my skin look healthy.

White bread
Lots of energy available for the day (three times as much as when eating brown bread).
Inactive brain circuitry could become active again.

Gives me more saliva in my mouth.
Gives me more meat on the skin.

Has a calming effect.
Gives me fuller skin.
Has a hydrating effect on the brain.

Blue berries
Gives me more energy (in the eyes, the retina specifically, and in the muscles).
Aids growth.

Maybe a little more energy available.

Granny Smith Apple
Makes me grow.
Heals the brain and the rest of my body better.
Helps my immune system.
Provides more energy in the brain.
Inactive brain circuitry could become active again.

Green seedless grapes
Makes me grow.
Heals the brain and the rest of my body better.
Helps my immune system.
Has a hydrating effect on the brain.
Makes my blood be contained within my veins better if the veins are damaged.
Has a hydrating effect on the skin.
Helps against sticky stuff in my veins.

Has a hydrating effect on the brain.
Uses fat available in the brain.
Aids blood flow in the brain.

Increases mental capacity (makes me smarter temporarily).
Makes my head feel slightly less ’soft’ from the inside.

Dissolves blood clots and thins blood.
Has a positive effect on all my joints.
Makes my entire body feel relaxed.
Seems to be a sticky substance in all my veins, that lasts a few days.

Red cabbage and apples
Makes me more alert.
Gives me more energy.

Makes me think quicker (supposedly because of the iron).

Has a blood thinning effect, and possibly a blood clot dissolving effect.

More energy available (in the retina and rest of my body).
Makes me more alert.

More energy available (in the retina and rest of my body).

Hydrating effect on the brain.
Equals out the blood pressure over my brain.
Increases blood pressure.

Aquarius blue (drink)
Makes me think faster.
Thins blood.

Has a hydrating effect on the brain.
Dissolves blood clots.
Causes lots of big particles to flow around in my blood (but not big enough to cause problems).
Causes pimples.

Causes blood clots that get stuck somewhere in my body (so be careful).

Is used to repair my blood vessels.
Makes me fatter.
Hydrates my brain.

(Dutch) Cheese
Helps in repairing my blood vessels when damaged.

Kellogs Special K
My veins get stronger and fracture less fast, and the veins catch less blood clots.
Supposedly the iron in it makes me think quicker.

The ends of the veins in my brain seem to become more fatty.
More saliva in mouth after 2,5 glasses of milk.
It has a hydrating effect on skin and brain.

Nutella chocolate spread
Makes me think quicker (assuming because of the magnesium in it).
Hydrated feeling in my brain.
Can cause blood clots.

Has a very small hydrating effect on the brain.
Makes my head feel slightly less ’soft’ from the inside.

Light feeling in my head.
Provides energy for the body and brain.

Ends up near the walls of my veins to reinforce these.
Increases blood pressure.
Aids the immune system when eaten together with food.
veins heal faster.
Narrows veins.

Goal setting Rincewind on 15 Apr 2012

Setting goals in life

It’s important to define your goals in life so you can reason from there what your next step in your life is, and what action to take next. A lot of people don’t have their goals clearly defined, but loosely know what they want from life. For example, someone can be in university and know it is important to graduate, and get a job after. This however won’t cut it anymore if you’re slightly smarter than that, and your goals could look much more extensive, and a lot more detailed, too. Defining your goals in life is a great tool in getting where you want to be in your life, it’s important to keep track of them for everyone, so you always clearly know what you’re doing at any given time, and what to do next.

A lot of people update their goals on a regular base, so they can steer themselves in certain directions. Of course, certain parts of your goals can be static and not be in need of an update for a while. I’ve written this post to share a layout for goal setting with some basic goals present which are important to most people.

‘My’ goals in life


* Health *
Trying to keep good health, and fix problems in health when they arise immediately.

Working on my health by going to the fitness center weekly, and running in the local park on a daily base.

<training scheme>

Eating as healthy as possible, namely:

Growing physically stronger the longer I’m working on my health.

Avoiding death everywhere.

* Safety *
Making sure I’m in in a safe living environment (house or apartment) and stay out of trouble.

Evaluate my safety on a regular base. Ask myself how safe I feel at home.

Ignore most threats and respond to ‘attacks’ of any sort with my full capacity. My full capacity will grow the longer I work on my other goals.

Practicing martial arts for self defense.

* Freedom *
Freedom is valuable so be careful not to let anyone take your freedom away. Staying out of prison, and out of psychiatric hospitals, is an important part of keeping your freedom.

Financial independence and staying out of debt are an important part of guarding your freedom too.

* Making money *
Becoming as rich as possible by running a website with ads on it.

Getting a job that pays more than x.

* Intelligence *
Continuously increasing my intelligence and learning things about the subjects involved in these goals of mine.

Reading a scientific magazine online (www.newscientist.com) and increasing my knowledge as a computer programmer.

* Human skills *
Improving my voice intonation and learning how to communicate with my body better.

* Hobby *
Working on a Tesla coil and programming a strategy game in my free time.

* Trans-human *
Living on in a different trans-human form after (or before if possible) death.

Explanation of goals

I think it’s important for everyone to work on their health. Being healthy comes with increased productivity compared to bad health, and being healthy is important for overall productivity. Not dying is an important part of health too, but that’s basic instinct really. Being healthy is important if you want to go after the girls too, so write that sporting scheme down already.

Second is safety. If you’re not in a safe situation, you can do whatever you like but you’re always being threatened by your unsafe situation which will take everything you have away if it gets the chance. It will undermine all your other goals if you’re in an unsafe situation or when you’re unhealthy, these two goals really are the most basic goals everyone should set for themselves. One way to increase your safety is to practice self-defense, this will teach you to fight off physical attackers.

Freedom doesn’t come easy for everyone, and when you have it, there are lots of possibilities of losing that freedom again. Freedom is necessary if you want an environment you can freely work on your other goals in. For example, if you go to jail, you lose that freedom and you won’t be able to work on whatever you were doing. Another threat to freedom are psychiatric hospitals – lots of things can go wrong in life, and psychiatrists can easily lock anyone up into a psychiatric hospital in my country, which is almost as bad as going to prison. So, stay out of problems with psychiatry, too!

Debt brings lots of problems, and you could pretty much lose everything you have when you go in debt. You could lose your home, your money, and could even go to jail for it. Therefore part of keeping your freedom is staying out of debt.

Making money is an important goal for most people, because it is necessary to pay the bills. Of course, there are various ways to make money, so write down your most nifty ways of making money here, and work it out in detail. Personally I’m trying it with this website.

Increasing my intelligence is an important goal for me, because I want to keep growing as a person and keep developing myself, and the smarter I am, the more productive I will be, so it contributes to my other goals strongly. In order to keep my English and science knowledge at a decent level, I read scientific magazines, this works wonders. Me as a computer game programmer personally also want to grow as a programmer and want to keep increasing my programming knowledge.

I want to increase my human skills, by improving my voice’s intonation and want to learn how to communicate in gestures and with my body, additional to spoken language. These aid my other goals as well, in dealing with other people it helps greatly to intonate your voice well and to use body language.

I want to keep hobbies, so I made that one of my goals. My hobbies are written down under it.

I have always wanted to stay alive and not die, so it’s become a goal of mine to survive death and to live on afterwards.

This is just a basic draft of how your actual goals could look, so think of what your goals are yourself and write them down in a similar manner, preferably with some of the default goals as laid out here incorporated in them. I’m curious to what your goals are in life so feel free to share them in the comments!